Romantic Calgary date ideas and restaurants for every budget

Posted on February 5, 2017 | By Karen Anderson

It’s February and right smack dab in the middle of the month is a day that cupid and his followers create a great deal of fuss over – Valentine’s Day. It’s a great notion but I always think, why squish all that love into one day a year?

I remember a time a friend lamented that no one ever sent her flowers when a colleague of ours received a bouquet at work from her husband. I pointed out that the husband had been out all night drinking and gambling, our colleague was fuming and appearances aren’t always what they seem. We talked about how it would be far better to never receive flowers but instead to find someone who would treat you well everyday of your life.

Whether it is love for yourself, your family or a certain someone, it really is better to share love any and everyday of the year. Nourish a love affair with yourself, your family or your lover with these great ideas:

Heating up – February is YYC Hot Chocolate Fest in Calgary. There are 103 participating businesses to enjoy a myriad of hot chocolate taste sensations and $1.00 from every cup goes to Calgary Meals on Wheels. Go skating (hold hands, hold each other up, hold on to the one you love), go sledding (curl up tight) and go for hot chocolate after. This is love on a low budget.

Choklat - Calgary Food Tours - Karen Anderson

Cooking it up – If you can’t afford to go out, you can always eat in on a much more reasonable budget. If you aren’t talented in the kitchen check out the menu of prepared meals at Meez Cuisine in Willow Park. They’ll help you select items for a romantic dinner. Got a little more dough in your pocket? Pop by Metrovino Wines, Kensington Wine Market, J Webb Wine Merchants or Bricks Wine Store and ask the talented staff for a cheap and cheerful pairing. Is there change still jingling in those pockets? Check out the heart-shaped cakes for two at Decadent Brûlée for dessert. Set the table, light the candles and you’ll be cooking up more than a meal.

Decandent Brulee - Calgary Food Tours - Alberta Food Tours Inc.

Buttering up – Here’s a short list of Calgary restaurants that are romantic any day of the year.

Sugo Café Italia – Ask for a table near the windows and order the three-course peasant dinner for $29/person. May the soft lighting and soft red wine let the force be with you.

Sugo Caffe Italia - photo credit - Karen Anderson

Frenchie Wine Bar – She or he won’t know about it. Tell them you want to pop into UNA takeaway to pick up pizza and dessert to take home. Lead them past the take out counter to this hidden gem and surprise them with a wine, cheese and charcuterie course in this tres French, tres romantic spot first.

Suzette Brittany Bistro or Cassis Bistro – Take your pick. These sister restaurants have me drawing that French restaurant ace up the sleeve again. Say what you will, nobody does it better.

Vin Room on 4 St – People actually make out here. It’s that intimate – enough said. Order champagne and nibble away.

Alloy Fine Dining – The food is spectacular and the lighting is soft.

River Café – Hold hands and take a walk in the park. That’s a recipe for love if there ever was one. Ask for a table on the patio in summer or by the fireplace in winter. Enjoy a craft cocktail with local Eau Claire Distillery spirits and splurge on yourselves. This is just the spot to do that.

River Cafe - photo credit - Karen Anderson

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